AEMET Radars

Iberian Peninsula & Balearic Islands - Reflectivity Madrid - Reflectivity
Radar Nacional - AEMET Radar Madrid - AEMET

Reflectivity images correspond to the lowest elevation of the radar scan (0.5 degrees above the horizontal plane). Color scale indicates the reflectivity in decibels Z intervals. Hours in UTC.

Madrid - Echo top 6 hour accumulated precipitation
Echotop Madrid - AEMET Acumulado 6h Madrid - AEMET

Images of the height of the top of echoes (echotop) with a reflectivity greater than 12 decibels (dBZ). Color scale indicates the altitude intervals in km. Times shown refer to the peninsula. Hours in UTC.

Accumulation of precipitation in six hours. The color scale indicates rainfall intervals, in millimeters. Hours in UTC.

Information provided by the Meteorological Agency. Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Environment.